"The Paradox of Connection"

by Moe Carrick—Excerpts from the Citizens4Community November 2017 Quarterly Session

(This album runs about 20 minutes, with most excerpts lasting 1-2 minutes each.)

>> Moe Carrick led discussion during the Citizens4Community Nov. 15 Quarterly Session, titled, "The Paradox of Connection." Some 40 area residents participated in the free event, which kicked off with a "Soup & Civility" community meal, followed by Moe's 90-minute program and audience-participation activities. Moe presented thought-provoking insights about our innate need for connection along with practical suggestions for how to create that connection and build trust and community. This album offers several highlights from her engaging (and often humorous) talk. C4C extends a heartfelt "thank you" to Moe and to all who attended. To learn more about Moe, click on our News Page HERE.