Sharing Our Good Fortune...

Feeling very lucky this March 17th as we think about the amazing reception the Sisters Country Civility Project has been enjoying—both in Sisters Country and also beyond. ...

Citizens4Community was just contacted by another group from outside our area. A large Oregon non-profit organization has been following our efforts and wants to meet with us to talk about ways they might be able to promote the Civility Project statewide. Wow!

We’ve also received inquiries from a community on the Oregon Coast and a civic leader in Central Oregon—both of whom are interested in learning more about how Sisters Country is implementing the Civility Project.

None of this would be possible without C4C's fabulous local partners. We so appreciate the growing wave of civility you're helping to cultivate.

We'll keep you posted on where this activity leads. Also, soon we'll be announcing plans for our next quarterly community gathering in Sisters. So, stay tuned! And, again, thank you!

—The C4C Team