From the Community: Civility Project Feedback...

Black Butte Ranch is a unique combination of residential community and resort. With more than 1,250 property owners, there are bound to be disagreements. In February, Citizens4Community Steering Committee member Clark Brody made a presentation to the Black Butte Ranch Board of Directors about C4C and the Civility Project. Dennis Tower, chair of the BBR Board of Directors, notes the board immediately saw the value of implementing the Project's 9 tenets of civil community engagement and passed a motion adopting those tenets. Since then, homeowners throughout the Ranch have been introduced to the tenets.

In my opinion, the most important aspect of the 9 tenets is in reminding people that when disagreements take place there is a civil and constructive path that can and should be followed. I fully support efforts to expand implementation of those tenets in Sisters Country.’
— Dennis Tower, chair, Black Butte Ranch Board of Directors