Help Us Design Two New 'Play' Date Events

C4C welcomes your ideas and input as we develop two new local events intended to build community and connection through rhythm, song and dance. Please join us at 5:30 p.m. May 24 for a dynamic planning meeting at Sisters City Hall. Your knowledge and support will help shape the vision for these new summertime events and bring them to life. 

A Little Background

You’re probably aware of Sisters Country “Horizons”—the area’s ongoing visioning effort. C4C is excited to be a partner in that effort. Not surprisingly, Horizons feedback is indicating a strong desire to preserve and promote connections to arts and our natural environment. Likewise, input is showing a strong desire to preserve community connections—to protect our neighborly, “small-town” feel, even as Sisters grows.  

Preserving that sense of fellowship is an ongoing challenge for many communities, especially when tough or divisive issues arise. But, with your help, we can meet that challenge.

THe Vision: Two Summertime 'Play' Dates

As you know, summer is a special time in Sisters: warm evenings; family togetherness; friends and neighbors; good music and food; parks and time to play. The more we engage with one another, the more we understand our common heartbeat—those shared values that bridge our differences.

So, both of these new events seek to unite our community through "play" and active group music-making (rhythm, song and dance). Both gatherings will be accessible, all-inclusive and welcoming to people of all ages and abilities.

The first Sisters Community "Play Date" event will take place July 19th in Village Green Park. Jodi Winnwalker and friends will facilitate a Community Rhythm and Song Circle. Sisters residents of all ages will be invited to participate in this fun event. They can beat a drum, shake a shaker or simply share a picnic on the lawn with friends. The instruments (drums, rattles and more) will be provided. And attendees also are welcome to bring their own instruments. No musical experience is required.

The second "Play Date” event will turn the Fire Hall Community Room into a family dance night, offering music and good times with old and new-found friends. Jane Paxson and friends will lead the group in fun, easy-to-learn community dances designed for all ages and abilities. Again, no experience is required.

The May 24 Planning Meeting—What to Expect:

On May 24th, we'll be looking for your help to plan how we can best reveal the heartbeat of our community through these rhythm, song and dance events. The meeting will be co-facilitated by Robyn Holdman, Jodi Winnwalker and Jane Paxson. The May 24 agenda will include the following: 

• Brief Introductions

• Overview of the C4C mission, plus presentation of the current vision for the July and August community events and how they would contribute to a “bridging the divide” statewide initiative that has been launched by Ford Family Foundation

• An invitation to engage in a rhythm and song demonstration

• A brainstorm session to explore:

1) events and activities that might be similar to what we are proposing.

2) how we can structure both summer events to be most successful.

3) what additional variables we need to consider in our planning.

4) ways you might help to get the word out to our diverse community.

5) ways to measure success of this program.

6) ideas for funding now and in the future.

We are excited to share ideas and hear your input.

If you can, please RSVP by May 22nd (see the form below) to let us know you'll be attending the May 24th planning meeting. If you are unable to join us on the 24th, we still would like to hear from you. Please send us an email sharing your thoughts for how these and other events can help us establish and strengthen relationships as we identify and address the issues that divide us.

Sincerely, The Citizens4Community Team

Program Committee volunteers: Jane Paxson, Jodi Winnwalker, Wendy Birnbaum & Amy Burgstahler