C4C seeks to help ease political divisiveness

Have you found yourself concerned about the political divide in our country? Are you interested in finding ways to work together to create solutions—like our Founding Fathers did—based on ideals this country was established on?

Do you want to be open to understanding the other side and valuing what they contribute to our democracy?…Or think a solution may be found in relationships and communication skills?

To address these issues, Citizens4Community (C4C) will host the non-partisan “Across the Divide” workshop on Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2018. The 4-8:30 p.m. session will include a catered meal for participants. The event will take place at Sisters City Hall, 520 E. Cascade Ave.  

Consultant Heidi Venture developed the workshop based on principles introduced by Jonathan Haidt in The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion. Venture will help workshop participants engage in an interactive, non-confrontational discussion to explore ideas and practice communication skills aimed at resolving conflicts and bridging differences.

“Many people are hungry for ways to impact the painful divide that has developed between ‘Reds’ and ‘Blues’,” says Venture.  “While most of us are unlikely to have the opportunity or power to make an impact at a national or state level, we can all work on improving the way we relate to each other as individuals in our own communities.”

The “Across the Divide” workshop is designed for equal numbers of self-described conservatives (“Reds”) and liberals (“Blues”) and is limited to the first 30 participants who sign up (15 in each category).

Those interested in participating in this free workshop are invited to register using THIS FORM (click). Deadline for registration is Oct. 24.