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Our goals include helping to shine a light on tools and resources that individuals and organizations might be able to use and adapt to their needs. We're hoping this page grows into a vital collection of thought-provoking articles, videos, books and other tools on the topics of community-building, civility and finding common ground. And one of the best ways we can think of to grow this resource and make it a true reflection of Sisters Country is to get you involved...

Is there a resource that you have enjoyed that helps foster community or better communication and perhaps belongs in this collection? Let us know and become a *LOCAL PICK* recommender today!

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• Why you think this is a particularly fitting resource for Sisters Country; and
• What concepts or principles offered by this resource will help foster community (i.e., specifically how does it encourage civility, collaboration, civic engagement and/or trust-building); and
• Why did you personally enjoy this resource well enough to recommend it.

Current Resources Include:

(Keep checking back for updated resource ideas.)

•  Being Wrong *sisters country LOCAL PICK*

•  Bowling Alone

•  Choosing Civility

•  The Five Keys to Mindful Communication

•  YouTube Video: "Active Listening"
   (Length: 2 min.)



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