Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error


A Sisters Country LOCAL PICK...Recommended by Patrick Eckford, who writes:

"In 'Being Wrong,' Kathryn Schulz artfully explores the mechanics of why people believe what they do and how deeply they feel right, even when they are wrong. Through relevant, poignant and often very humorous examples, Schultz reminds us of how the commission of errors has actually contributed to human development and is an essential part of scientific and philosophical processes. She encourages us to not fear, but embrace human fallibility as fundamental to intellectual and scientific development.

"In making her case for accepting error as an inevitable part of progress, Schulz also artfully illuminates the often quirky dynamics of “believing” and the significant challenges and obstacles involved in trying to change someone’s beliefs. Her insights into how and why people believe what they do, provide hints for how to more effectively confront “wrongness” in other people, and for being realistic about just how much you may (or may not) be able to shift someone’s beliefs. These observations reinforce and complement aspects of Speak Your Peace (and The Sisters Country Civility Project).

"'Being Wrong' is a great read for anyone interested in human communications, public discourse and community engagement. It is also just plain entertaining.

Published: 2011